SFB-M30 Fixed Anti-Ram Bollards

M30/P1 crash-rated security bollards with a simplistic shallow-foundation installation

Shallow foundation crash tested bollards

The shallow bollard design structure enables the SFB-M30 fixed bollard to be easily installed with minimal excavation. The shallow foundation makes the SFB-M30 the premier security bollard solution in locations where underground utilities could be problematic.

SFB-M30 Bollard Benefits

  • Cost-effective vehicle access control solution
  • Single unit modular design allows unlimited width of coverage
  • Shallow foundation requires minimum excavation
  • Disables attacking vehicles
Anti-Ram Rating:
M50/P1 Anti-Ram Certified

The SFB-M30 security bollards have been tested to ASTM F2656, and has been awarded a M30/P1 designation. This shallow mount high-security bollard system is capable of stopping a 15,000 lb medium-duty truck traveling at 30 mph.

SRB-M30 Removable Bollard

The SFB-M30 bollard system has been engineered (using tested data), as a removable bollard system called the SRB-M30. Having a removable option such as the SRB-M30 is ideal for sites where the pathway access is in a constant state of change. When the bollard is removed from its cavity it allows an unrestricted flow of vehicle traffic. This option provides facilities with an easy and efficient way to manage and control traffic around the perimeter.

The shallow foundation SRB-M30 removable bollard is engineered to meet up to M30/P1 performance criteria (15,000 lb vehicle at 30 mph).


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