Magnum Wedge Vehicle Barrier

Secure the perimeter entry from vehicle-based attacks

Magnum wedge crash barrier

Ameristar's Magnum wedge vehicle barriers are designed for high-level perimeter entry security. The Magnum K12 crash test certified wedge is highly visible and an exceptional deterrent to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Also, it features automatic hydraulic raising and lowering, and installs flush to the finished roadway when retracted. The Magnum vehicle barrier utilizes a pit-mounted, rotating, wedge-style system, which is made of welded steel members rotated around a heavy-duty steel shaft.

Available in a variety of widths with a full barrier guard height of 32".

As an added benefit, the Magnum's fully enclosed design is especially useful in cold environments and is undeterred by snow, ice and sand.

The Magnum wedge vehicle barrier is K12 certified by the U.S. Department of State, which means it is capable of stopping a 15,000 lb medium-duty truck traveling at 50 mph.

The potential for an unauthorized vehicle to enter a secured location presents a real and everyday threat that needs to be addressed. Protect your perimeter's entry point from vehicular threats with the Magnum wedge vehicle barrier.

If your next security project requires protection against vehicular threats, choose Ameristar's Magnum K12 wedge vehicle barrier.

Specs & Drawings

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  • Wedge Widths

    You have the choice of the following standard widths:
    • 8' wedge
    • 10' wedge
    • 12' wedge
    • 14' wedge
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  • Optional Add-Ons


    • Main operator control panel
    • Remote operator control panel
    • Barrier-up position sensor
    • 7.5 HP hydraulic unit
    • Hydraulic oil heater/cooler
    • Emergency Fast Operate (EFO)
    • Dual channel vehicle detector module
    • Traffic signal lights
    • Custom painted finish
    • Battery backup
    • Custom PLC programming
    • Touch screen controls
    • Radio controls
    • Wrong way and over speed detection
    • Integrated traffic arm or sliding gate

    Electrical Power Voltage Options:

    • 208-240 Volt AC, Single Phase
    • 380 Volt AC, 3-Phase
    • 440-480 Volt AC, 3-Phase
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